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Hi,       :-)

On Apr 3, 7:30=A0am, Robert Riebisch <Robert DOT Riebi DOT  DOT  DOT  AT arcor DOT de> wrote:
> Rugxulo wrote:
> > Riebisch: =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0Aurora, FED
> "Robert R." would be more nice. ;-)

Sorry, I just figured it was less ambiguous that way.   :-)

> I use VC's builtin editor, Aurora, or MS EDIT in DOS and Notepad2 on
> Windows. FED and JED are on my home page, but I don't use them anymore,
> because I do most of coding in Windows.

I don't see the appeal of MS EDIT, esp. since it always expands tabs
(IIRC). I'm not saying it's bad, just there are better editors out

I use TDE(W) in Windows and TDE(P) in DOS. TDE(R) exists for 16-bit,
but it runs out of memory pretty quickly. And it compiles for GNU/
Linux if you have Ncurses. If you don't mind lack of folds, tags,
undo, UTF-8, or much mouse support, it's damn good (IMHO).

If anybody is really interested, I could post (or perhaps link to) my
DOS text editor feature comparison list. (It's fairly informative but
could always be improved.)

P.S. He's not a DJGPP user (although he still uses DOS on his 8088),
but Jim Leonard likes Aurora and some vi clone (I think the one that
came with Manx or Aztec C). I think I tried telling him about
Freemacs, but he wasn't interested (anti-Emacs, ah you know the
type).    ;-)

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