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On Apr 3, 4:45=A0am, "Tomasz Zbro=BFek" <t DOT zbro DOT  DOT  DOT  AT upos DOT com DOT pl> wrote:
> Rugxulo,
> thanks a lot for your explanation! 2003 we use is fully updated, we tried
> DpmiLimit, ntdpmix -m 128 (but ntdpmix is for WinXP not 2003),

NTDPMIX works on Vista too, just that Japheth I guess never officially
intended it except as a way to improve XP's default DPMI host.

> also we
> tried to use HKLM\Syste\CurrentControlSet\Control\Wow\ settings from XP
> (wowsize etc.) but allocator test program (vista1.exe) still can't alloca=
> more than 32 MB on Windows 2003! :(

I guess you mean "System" not "Syste". Also you may have to reboot for
it to take effect. Also, HKLM should really probably be
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (or whatever) which already exists, but I
personally had to add the "DpmiLimit" entry manually (via REGEDIT).
I've been told this doesn't work in Vista Home Basic pre-SP1 either,
hence the NTDPMIX suggestion.

Assuming you did everything correctly, I don't know what to tell
you!  :-(    I seriously thought it would work since Vista and 2k3
(esp. with service packs) are so closely related.

> I'm interested in cross compiler for Cygwin ! Can I find compiled one
> somewhere ? or some script to use for compile it from sources ?

I wish. I'm sure someone has done it, but I never managed. Maybe
someone here has one (although I suspect that it's not too too common
because DJGPP usually runs fine, at least on 32-bit Windows). When
x86-64 becomes common place, I will definitely want such a cross

> As you surely know DOSBox (0.72) is very slow for compilation purposes, I
> tried to reconfigure dosbox.conf but it doesn't seem dosbox works faster.

Well, more specifically I meant tweak "memsize" to be "64" (since 64
MB RAM is the max.) instead of default 16. Yes, it's extremely slow,
approx. 486 speeds for me. Also, as others have correctly mentioned,
it's not always wise to trust an emulator to compile your sources
(since a real machine is obviously less buggy).

You could also try temporarily downgrading to G++ 3.4.4 to compile
your stuff, which uses lots less memory than the latest 4.3.2. (I
remember I had to do that to compile Dungeon Crawl 4.0.0.b26 with -O2
before I knew about the Vista fix.) Also, do try with lower (or no!)
optimizations (e.g. -O0) for the one bit that won't compile otherwise
(and do use "-Wl,--reduce-memory-overheads" if you use BinUtils 2.17
or newer).

P.S. Not really recommended, but you *could* try RSXNT with DJGPP if
you really wanted. But it's probably easier (less abandoned) to just
use Cygwin or OpenWatcom, IMHO.

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