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thanks a lot for your explanation! 2003 we use is fully updated, we tried 
DpmiLimit, ntdpmix -m 128 (but ntdpmix is for WinXP not 2003), also we 
tried to use HKLM\Syste\CurrentControlSet\Control\Wow\ settings from XP 
(wowsize etc.) but allocator test program (vista1.exe) still can't allocate 
more than 32 MB on Windows 2003! :(

I'm interested in cross compiler for Cygwin ! Can I find compiled one 
somewhere ? or some script to use for compile it from sources ?

As you surely know DOSBox (0.72) is very slow for compilation purposes, I 
tried to reconfigure dosbox.conf but it doesn't seem dosbox works faster.

best regards

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