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Andreas Eibach wrote:
> finally brought some insight that djgpp uses a 16-bit stub that will make
> any 32bit program _look_ like a 16 bit app for MSDOS.
> Is there - after 2 years - still no way to circumvent this (compiling
> options?) apart from silly workarounds I already read about in the thread
> from 2 years ago?
> Second question: Would it be *theoretically* possible to live without that
> 16bit stub, so that 32bit programs are also recognized as 32bit?

No, because DJGPP is a DOS compiler, and DOS doesn't have a 32-bit

> I can only say I *DO* need very long lines in my batch file, because people
> with deep directory trees do not even need to have directories with a
> certain number of characters, but only the grade of tree depth will
> automatically make paths quite long.

Standard DOS doesn't support this.  If you're using 4DOS as the shell
there is an environment variable that the full command line is passed
in.  I have no idea if NT does that when it emulates DOS programs, my
guess is no.

> If djgpp does not support this, maybe I should look for mingw32, because
> that 16bit thing really annoys me.

Yes, if you want Win32 programs, as opposed to DOS programs, use
MinGW32.  That's what it's for.


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