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I did try to install and use freedos several years ago.  It wasn't 
possible to use freedos though I did manage to get it installed.  The 
reason was probably the screen writes for the operating system were going 
too fast for my screen readers to capture them and speak them.  I tried it 
with both jaws for dos and provox 7 which was the last version of provox 
released and provox is the only open source dos screen reader now too. 
Unfortunately it's no longer supported either.  Mostly C but some a86 
assembly language was used to write it.  I didn't try freedos with 
tinytalk though but don't think tinytalk could have done any better with 
it.  So my questions are first has any accessibility work ever been done 
on freedos with a goal of making freedos useable by populations with 
sensory disabilities?  If so, does any command or switch or configuration 
option exist to slow the screen writes down to the speed drdos does them 
when newui=off is set?  If that does, it might be worthwhile me trying 
another installation attempt and screen reader tests.  One of the 
computers I have only runs dos and gets out on a dial up modem and is now 
running drdos.  It's got an ethernet card but apparently this card gets 
set up in the cmos and drdos can't find it.  Most of the drivers available 
for ethernet for drdos are isa and this is also a pci card.  I don't know 
that freedos will ever be able to do any better but would be willing to 
find out.

On Mon, 25 Feb 2008, rugxulo AT gmail DOT com wrote:

> Hey,
> On Feb 25, 12:17 am, Jim Michaels <jmichae3REM DOT  DOT  DOT  AT THISPLEASEyahoo DOT com>
> wrote:
>> I noticed FreeDOS's EMM386 and DJGPP don't get along together.
> Don't use the old, old 2.26 (from 2006). Use Japheth's new JEMMEX
> (5.71, just updated today even).
>> I always get "Protected mode not available" when I try to run
>> DJGPP-compiled programs.
> Sounds like VCPI isn't available. What does your CONFIG.SYS' EMM386
> line say? Are you running any other shells or TSRs or drivers?
>> however, I was wondering why when I was trying to boot from a floppy it
>> said it could not create cwsdpmi.swp - is it a large file?  I didn't
>> allocate any memory except an int and so a software interrupt with some
>> registers.
> You apparently don't have a FAT partition on your hard drive. Ignore
> the warning or turn off swapping: "cwsdpmi -s-" (or use CWSPARAM to
> turn if off entirely).

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