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"Rob Gaddi" <rgaddi AT technologyhighland DOT com> wrote in message 
news:I6-dnUDsEJnAOebVnZ2dnUVZ_rPinZ2d AT lmi DOT net...
> (snip...) I pass it long filenames [from the command line], it works with 
> long filenames, and creates outputs with long filenames.  Fine, perfect, 
> all well and good.

> But when I try to drag and drop from Explorer (under XP) onto the .EXE of 
> the interpreter, for some reason it gets passed the short file name 
> instead, and I get the appropriately mangled output file names.

DJGPP executables appear to Windows as a 16-bit DOS executable.  Windows 
cannot tell if a 16-bit DOS executable supports long file names or only 
short file names - so it always assumes the lowest capabilities and sends 
the short file name.

Create a file with a .cmd extension (similar to a .bat file, but known to 
know about advanced file names).  For example, testecho.cmd contains:
c:\djgpp\bin\echo %1

When you drag onto the .cmd file you should get the long file name in the 
argument list, which will then be passed as the long name to the DJGPP 

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