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Subject: Drag and Drop to Command Line
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Hi all --

This is probably an idiot newbie question, but if I Googled with it any 
longer I was going to have to buy it dinner, so I'm hoping someone here 
might have a suggestion/idea of what's going on.

I've written a very short assembler in C for a proprietary microengine 
that I'm working on.  Like any sensible assembler, it wants to take in 
the input filename on the command line, and if no further command line 
options are given, make some assumptions based on the input filename as 
to what the output filename should be.  I drive it from the command 
prompt and all is well.  I pass it long filenames, it works with long 
filenames, and creates outputs with long filenames.  Fine, perfect, all 
well and good.

But when I try to drag and drop from Explorer (under XP) onto the .EXE 
of the interpreter, for some reason it gets passed the short file name 
instead, and I get the appropriately mangled output file names. 
Ideally, this wouldn't happen; Windows seems happy to pass plenty of 
other programs long names from a drag and drop.  But it thinks that mine 
wants a short name instead.

Any ideas on why this is happening and how to fix it?  Is there some 
arcane setting in the .PIF file that I'm missing?  Some pragma flag that 
I should be setting to tell Windows that I'm a sensible, modern sort of 
program, and happy to take more than 11 characters of file name?

Thanks in advance,

Rob Gaddi, Highland Technology
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