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From: Andris Pavenis <andris DOT pavenis AT iki DOT fi>
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Subject: Re: libstdc++ writev/2.04/patches upstream?
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CBFalconer wrote:
> DJ Delorie wrote:  ** and snipped references to nmalloc **
>>>> Did you ever resolve all the issues we had with it?
>>> Never had any issues reported.
> Never saw them, and I just looked at that and at:
> <>
> (per Andris Pavenis)
> and I see nothing that I can attack, in fact nothing definite. 
> Bear in mind that I do not use XP.  I do know I can crash the
> original malloc system fairly easily.

The first message of the thread is

I included there the source of my initial test program used for profiling. Remove
shuffling addresses and freeing memory, link it with nmalloc and You will get
what I use for testing when large enough number of allocations were specified
(like more that 1000000, You should have plenty of memory for that). This
test program randomly crashed when linked with nmalloc and never for me
if with DJGPP v2.04 own malloc (for this test slowness of free() does not
matter of course).

I do not know whether it is possible to reproduce the problem on system different from


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