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On Jul 7, 2:01pm, Jay <jayk DOT  DOT  DOT  AT hotmail DOT com> wrote:
> I was able to build gcc on another system that I don't have access to at the moment,
> but am hitting problems on a second system. The first was XP/x86, the second XP/AMD64.
> I suspect if I setup an LFN-aware native DJGPP, this would configure correctly,
> but that cross builds avoid the probe, but that probing would work, since
> by now there is a cross-ld and I do get a gcc.exe.
> I'm on AMD64 XP and DOS is DosBox currently, so no LFN.

You mean XP 64-bit? (i.e. NT 5.2, right?) This is the only practical
reason I can think of for using DOSBox to build anything.

For sure, it would be much much faster not using DOSBox, as that is
extremely slow. I've never used VMware honestly, but it should be much
faster. (Heck, almost anything would be faster.) At least I would try
VMware if I were you. (QEMU ain't too fast either. Not sure about
others: VirtualPC, VirtualBox, BOCHS, etc., but I suspect the worse.)

> I have no real need for djgpp, but it seems neat, and like everyone
> else I have the hardware/software to run it, and I like to build
> things myself.

The only need here is targeting native DOS (although it runs on most
Windows, too). If you don't like DOS or have no need / desire to
compile for it, DJGPP will fulfill no need.

> (Sure is slow, e.g. building zip/unzip with gcc under DosBox.
> Will try native and VMware/VirtualPC later..)

I made a list of ways to speed up GCC, but I'm not sure how useful
they would be in your situation. (e.g. -Os is between -O and -O2 in
both compilation time and output speed)

In particular, you *could* always install native FreeDOS as dual boot
and run that, but you may have to use a GParted liveCD to shrink your
NTFS partition a bit to make a spare FAT partition. This may not be
worth the effort (or slight risk, even), but it would definitely be
faster (and DOSLFN works fine in FreeDOS).

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