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Subject: Re: libstdc++ writev/2.04/patches upstream?
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DJ Delorie wrote:
>> Well, I prepared the malloc replacement (nmalloc), together with the
>> debug routines, several years ago, and it has never been
>> incorporated.  This seriously harms enthusiasm.
> Did you ever resolve all the issues we had with it?

I got random crashes when I last stress-tested it. Tests included only allocation
of huge amount of small random size memory blocks (I don't remember size
exactly, but about some tenth of bytes, total size of all blocks were well above
100 MB). No similar behavior observed with malloc from DJGPP CVS.

It is however used in my last builds of GCC-4.3.[01]. Otherwise slowness of free()
would make them almost unusable. I have not noticed crashes of these GCC versions


PS. GCC-4.3.1 is not released for DJGPP yet, because of problems with DJGPP v2.03.
     We perhaps need extra rerelease of DJGPP v2.03 or release GCC-4.3.1 for v2.04pre

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