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On Jun 29, 5:29pm, "fud 32" <fud32 DOT  DOT  DOT  AT gmail DOT com> wrote:
> I looked through the faq and found that it won't create files without swap
> space.
> How can I get swap space or find another way around this?

As most others here will probably tell you, lack of swap reported is
bogus because Windows' DPMI does it for you automatically. It's not
using CWSDPMI but Windows instead. So, you have tons of memory
available (on XP) to use. So your problem is almost definitely not
related to swap space.

BTW, RHIDE is obviously very popular, but as has been said many times,
it is deprecated, no longer updated, buggy on Windows, etc. HOWEVER,
if you insist on using it (and don't blame us if it doesn't work
right), try the latest / last version:

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