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On Jun 29, 10:28am, "MikeC" <Mike DOT B DOT  DOT  DOT  AT btconnect DOT com> wrote:
> I have the .gdt and gpr. files for both, but I don't know where to post
> them. Can anybody help? It would be really good to get this sorted out. I
> think RHIDE is great, and I'm a bit handicapped without it.

Most regulars here (including me) don't seem to use RHIDE, and all I
ever hear is how deprecated / unsupported / dead it is (esp. on
Windows). But if you insist on using it, try the latest / last

Anyways, the editor core is shared with SETEDIT, so you could always
try the latest Win32 build of that. Or try GNU Emacs. Or try just any
general text editor (VIM? JED? FED? FTE? TDE?) with GNU make or
manually building your projects (by hand, .BAT, .BTM, .sh, etc.).

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