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I used to have a company-provided laptop that ran Windows 2000, and RHIDE 
ran fine on it.
The laptop broke (BIOS problems), and as it was old, they replaced it.  The 
new one runs XP,
and RHIDE doesn't like it (or vice versa, not sure).

I also have a desk-top, my home machine, which also runs XP, and RHIDE 
doesn't like that either - though
the symptoms are different.

On both machines, RHIDE will only work in a full screen.  If I press 
Alt-Enter to put it in a window, as soon as I press F7 to single step, it 
jumps back to a full screen.

On my home machine, when I single-step with F7, the screen goes black for 
about 2-3 seconds each time.  If I use Shift-F7, that seems to work.

My laptop is where I do most of my tinkering, though, and if I single-step 
there, the screen doesn't go black, and as long as the statement to be 
single-stepped is a simple arithmetic or comparison step, everything is 
fine, but if it involves a call to a function that is pre-defined by DJGPP, 
the program simply runs to completion without single-stepping.  F4, to go to 
a statement nearly always works.

However - I have just made a discovery - I was single-stepping a program 
that I wrote before I changed laptops, and RHIDE works OK with it, so now, 
I'd like to know where the difference lies.  How do I find out?

The screen looks slightly fifferent.  It's still in a full screen, but one 
visible difference is the double-line surround of the window in focus.  The 
vertical double-line characters don't meet up with each other down the edges 
of the window, giving the appearance of dashed double lines.

I have the .gdt and gpr. files for both, but I don't know where to post 
them.  Can anybody help?  It would be really good to get this sorted out.  I 
think RHIDE is great, and I'm a bit handicapped without it.



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