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Robbie Hatley wrote:

> Is anyone here running djgpp Perl 5.8.8 on Microsoft Windows 2000

I ran djdev204, bsh205bb, perl588b.

> Professional?  If so, does perldoc work for you?  If you launch Bash
> and type "perldoc perl<CR>", do you get an error message saying:
>    Error in tempfile() using c:/djgpp/tmp/XXXXXXXXXX:
>    Could not create temp file c:/djgpp/tmp/zkQ06tqlcH:
>    Invalid argument (EINVAL) at
>    /dev/env/DJDIR/lib/perl5/Pod/ line 1483

Yes, same here!

> or does it work fine?

No. ;-)

But perl561b works fine.

Robert Riebisch
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