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> I don't know what DJ did to build these binaries, but he did
> something really special and seemingly undocumented.

make install

> I can't get any builds to work without generating errors.  DJGPP in
> itself is a huge undertaking, and I am very thankful for the port
> effort though.

Keep in mind, many of those binaries were built a long time ago, with
different versions of the tools.  DJGPP is not the only project having
trouble with stricter compilers and other tools.

> I can compile stuff if it's using standard libraries, but not with
> gmp.  it can't find gmp.h and it's in the v2gnu/include directory.

It's in c:\djgpp\include ?

DJGPP doesn't use a "v2gnu" directory *anywhere* so you must have used
a nonstandard unzip program which included the zip file's path and/or
name as part of the installation path.  If so, you didn't install it
correctly.  Please use the unzip32 program on the djgpp ftp site, and
unzip all the zips from the *same* directory.

I checked the gmp* file, and it has these contents:

        0  01-03-03 17:53   include/
    14102  01-03-03 17:53   include/mpfr.h
     5217  01-03-03 17:53   include/mpf2mpfr.h
   182330  01-03-03 17:53   include/gmpxx.h
    29110  01-03-03 17:53   include/mpfrxx.h
    81693  01-03-03 17:53   include/gmp.h
     5847  01-03-03 17:53   include/mp.h

So, if you installed it according to the instructions, gmp.h should be
in c:\djgpp\include\gmp.h (assuming $DJGPP points to c:\djgpp)

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