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> It must be realy annoying, if you have an UPS and such, all is
> working fine and no one can reach you...
> How do you feel if such things happen?

Hmmm... heavy rains, high winds, no electricity, roads damaged,
flooded septic, no toilets...  Really, lack of Internet is NOT at the
top of my priority list at that point.  Lack of toilets is, followed
by heat.  Otherwise, there's nothing I can do, so I just sit tight and
wait.  We usually read books by candlelight while listening to a
battery powered radio.  We can cook, though, as we have a gas stove.

Most of the time, we lost power but not internet.  Most outages are
shorter than the UPS's up time, and nobody even notices.  If we lose
power and not internet, and the weather's good, I fire up the
generator and just keep going.  Most of the time it's no big deal, but
this one was a big deal, so people noticed.  Heck, for a while, we
almost had no ROADS.  Of the four ways you can leave my house and get
elsewhere, three were unpassable.  No roads means eventually we run
out of electricity (no gasoline), which means no toilet or heat, and
we would have had to evacuate - but wouldn't be able to.

And this is a *normal* spring, too!

I do have cell-based internet, but only for my laptop, and it's very
slow.  Last year's storm took out the cell towers though, so even
that's not a reliable backup.

If you've got time and curiosity, look up "nor'easter" on the net.

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