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Subject: Re: cwsdpmi "protected mode not availible" on win2k, stub don't work
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On 31 Mar 2007 at 11:30, Jim Michaels wrote:

> I get "Protected mode not avcailible" when I run my app under Windows 
> 2000 consistently, whether I include the stub or whether I have the 
> cwsdpmi.exe alongside it.
> Without these it just says "cwsdpmi not found".
> Something always goes wrong.
> gxx whatever.c
> (which generates a.out & a.exe)
> exe2coff a.exe
> (which generates a)
> copy /b f:\djgpp\2.03\v2misc\bin\cwsdstub.exe+a whatever.exe
> (which generates whatever.exe)
> and "availible" is misspelled.
> tried this with CMD.exe shell and with
> If it's of any interest, this computer was made for Windows 98, before 
> ACPI-compliant power supplies were made, so it must be turned off manually.
> I saw the earlier post about ACPI and CWSDPMI having a problem with 
> windows, but I wasn't quite sure what to make of it in the end.

Windows 2000 has it's own DPMI support - you should not use CWSDPMI 
at all. 

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