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There exists a DJGPP <-> FreeDOS distribution!
Take a look at !


decker wrote:
> Chris Giese wrote:
>> Does your version of DJGPP use segments with base address = 0?
> Sorry, it would be too early for specific questions of that nature.
> Frankly, I am hoping that they are premature :)
> Just for information, IMHO there could never be a "your version of
> DJGPP". DJGPP is Delorie J GPP. A FreeDOS OS distribution is being
> planned, that will hopefully provide DJGPP as a development
> environment. Whether that environment ends up separate fork from what
> is released here(i.e. Ubuntu vs. Debian, for lack of better example)
> depends on the response we get. Then it would be built on DJGPP, but it
> wouldn't be DJGPP.
> But I think the user base as a whole would appreciate a less confusing
> variety of development environments.
> Regards,
> Ben Decker

Florian Xaver <>

Dr-DOS  Wiki <>
oZone-a GUI operating system for DOS,Linux,Win
SWORD-a nice GUI library for DOS/DJGPP

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