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On 17 May 2006 at 11:02, Lawrence Rust wrote:

> No, a packet driver always advertises all available adapters.  The packet driver ACCESS_TYPE
> call provides means for the client to select which adapter(s) they wish to use.  

> This sounds like your application is only using the first adapter provided by SwsVpkt and it
> just happens that the first binding is the WiFi.  A packet driver can support several adapters. 
> In the DRIVER_INFO call the driver returns the number of adapters -1 in the CL register.  The
> clent then selects the adapter to use with the DL register in the ACCESS_TYPE call.  

I do not think this is a correct interpretation of the packet driver spec. As this 
is not directly a DJGPP issue, I think I should take it off-line with Lawrence. 
Please reply to my email address, I don't think your 
nospam AT NOsoftsystemSPA DOT coM DOT uk will get me anywhere, Lawrence :)

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