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"decker" <bdeck AT lycos DOT co DOT uk> wrote in message
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> We have tested swsvpkt and discovered problems on laptops with mobile
> networking (i.e. wireless). It seems that swsvpkt continues to try to
> use the wifi interface, even when it isn't configured (or connected).
> None of the DOS apps will receive packets until the "Software Systems
> virtual packet driver" is disabled from the wifi interface and the
> system rebooted. Or until the wifi connects and in configured on a
> network.
> Is there a command line methon of telling swsvpkt which interface(s) to
> use?

No, a packet driver always advertises all available adapters.  The packet
driver ACCESS_TYPE call provides means for the client to select which
adapter(s) they wish to use.

This sounds like your application is only using the first adapter provided
by SwsVpkt and it just happens that the first binding is the WiFi.  A packet
driver can support several adapters.  In the DRIVER_INFO call the driver
returns the number of adapters -1 in the CL register.  The clent then
selects the adapter to use with the DL register in the ACCESS_TYPE call.

By default, SwsVpkt binds to all LAN & WAN (dial-up) adapters.  You can
change this by opening the 'Network and Dial-up connections' control panel,
right click the WiFi adapter and select properties.  In the components list
box you should see 'Software Systems virtual packet driver' - uncheck the
box next to this.  When the dialog is closed the packet driver unbinds from
the adapter, a re-boot is not normally required.

> Somehow it would be good if it could see the windows routing table
> and establish automatically which interface it should use for which
> address.

SwsVpkt knows nothing about IP adresses, it just handles raw Ethernet

The binding of MAC address to IP address is the concern of the application
or TCP/IP stack that you are using.  I suggest that you contact the vendor
of your stack to discuss this problem.

- Lawrence Rust, Software Systems,

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