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"Florian Xaver" <wosrediinanatour AT aon DOT at> wrote in message
news:44670d4b$0$3880$91cee783 AT newsreader01 DOT highway DOT telekom DOT at...
> What is wrong?
> ...
> (l_text)d += 1;
> *d = GetKey(App) & 0xFF;
> ...

The behavior was deprecated.  You can no longer cast lvalues in GCC.

You might unrolling the assignment, so the cast is an rvalue, like one of

d=(pointertypeofd *)((l_text)d+1);


where "pointertypeofd" or "typeofd" is the proper cast needed for the
declared type of d...

From "GCC 3.4 Release Series Changes, New Features, and Fixes",
"The cast-as-lvalue extension has been removed for C++ and deprecated for C
and Objective-C. In particular, code like this:
        int i;
        (char) i = 5;

or this:

        char *p;
        ((int *) p)++;

is no longer accepted for C++ and will not be accepted for C and Objective-C
in a future version."

Rod Pemberton

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