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"Gerrit van Niekerk" <gerritvn AT gpvno DOT co DOT za> wrote in message
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> Thanks Lawrence, changing the hardware interrupt to 9 fixed the problem.
> For clarification: Interrupt 9 is the real h/w interrupt used by my NIC.
> one always specify that correctly for SwsVpkt?

No, any available unused interrupt (in the VDM) is OK.

> Isn't the interrupt just a way
> for the realmode stub to communicate with the win32 driver?

You're right; the interrupt is only used as a signal to the 16-bit real mode
stub, typically to get it execute a section of 16-bit code.

Normally the default interrupt 7 used by SwsVpkt works fine.  It's possible
that your system has this interrupt in use by another driver.

-- Lawrence Rust, Software Systems,

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