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"Gerrit van Niekerk" <gerritvn AT gpvno DOT co DOT za> wrote in message
news:446886C4 DOT 29888 DOT 607887 AT gerritvn DOT gpvno DOT co DOT za...
> On 15 May 2006 at 10:35, Lawrence Rust wrote:
> > I wrote SwsVpkt, a free virtual packet driver for Windows NT/2k/XP/2k3.
It's available here
> >  I believe Gisle has tested it with
Watt-32 and it's also
> > extensively used by radio amateurs for their JNOS project  It
> > also provides significantly better performance than NDIS3PKT and is a
lot less hassle and overhead
> > than WinPcap.
> >
> I've been using NDIS3PKT for years and more recently on WinXP SP2 without
problems, but not the
> greatest of performances. With the above promise in mind, I downloaded
SwsVpkt, uninstalled
> NDIS3PKT and installed SwsVpkt. It sends out packets well enough on my
system using a Realtek
> RTL8139 Family Fast Ethernet Adapter, but does not receive any packets -
not even broadcasts. Any
> tips on what could be wrong?

What app(s) are you using to test with?  It may be that your DOS TCP/IP
configuration needs a small tweak.

I would guess that since only packet reception is affected then the problem
lies with interrupts.  The swsvpkt real mode stub uses irq 7 to communicate
with the win32 code.  You could try using a different irq, maybe 5.  To do
this enter "swsvpkt -i5", then run your app.

If you still have problems, then it would be useful to know if any packets
are shown with my standalone packet dumper app.  You can download this from
here: - it comes with several
utilities, you'll just need to unzip \djgpp\pktdump.exe.  The source is
available from here: in

Run pktdump from a DOS box that has successfully executed SwsVpkt.exe.  Then
start some network activity, e.g. web browsing, and you should see a trace
of all packets in & out.  The app puts the NIC into promiscuous mode, so you
see all traffic on the local net if you use a hub.

If pktdump works OK then the problem is likely to be your DOS TCP/IP stack
configuration.  If pktdump fails then it's likely to be some problem with
SwsVpkt or the installation.  I'll advise further in this case.

- Lawrence Rust, Software Systems,

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