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"Brian Inglis" <Brian DOT Inglis AT SystematicSW DOT Invalid> wrote in message
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> That is not obvious from your web page, where quotes say:
> "Watt-32 is a library for making networked TCP/IP programs in the
> language of C and C++ under DOS and Windows-NT."
> ...
> "With the correct packet-driver, it will run under all versions of
> Windows too."
> ...
> "For Windows, WinPcap and NPF.SYS are required. Note that Windows 95,
> 98 and ME are not supported at this time."
> The web page implies that Win9x is not supported, but with some
> "correct packet-driver" it will run. All the packet driver links on
> that page are for DOS and WinNT+ only. The distinction between the
> requirements for building and running on different Windows versions is
> not clear.
> NDIS3PKT seems to have gone commercial: would there be a problem using

I wrote SwsVpkt, a free virtual packet driver for Windows NT/2k/XP/2k3.
It's available here  I believe Gisle has
tested it with Watt-32 and it's also extensively used by radio amateurs for
their JNOS project  It also provides
significantly better performance than NDIS3PKT and is a lot less hassle and
overhead than WinPcap.

> I've been using Cygwin to port and run net utils and apps as the state
> of and requirements for DJGPP networking have been less than clear.

Shame Cygwin doesn't support gxx 4.x

-- Lawrence Rust, Software Systems,

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