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"Markus R. Keßler" <dimke DOT fax AT uni DOT de> ha scritto nel messaggio
news:436615d4 DOT 1272447 AT news DOT arcor DOT de...
> Dear all,
> I'm just searching the server for a file called something
> like "" or similar, standing for "make ISO filesystem".
> Is there something like this on the server, and I just
> overlooked it?
> Well, this one is very commonly used in Unix for creating ISO
> filesystems, which can be burned on cd afterwards.
> In my understanding there seems to be no big difference between
> mkisofs and, let's say, tar, at least concerning the OS on which it is
> built.
> So I assume that it might be possible to write such thing for djgpp,
> also. Am I right?
> Any hints appreciated!
> Greetings,
> Markus
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I just downloaded it few days ago (unfortunately I cannot remember where I
originally got it from) but I've just found out that you can download the archive from .
Anyway it's part of the Cygwin GCC project and not the Delorie's one (in
facts it relies upon the cygwin.dll, so I think you won't ever find it in
the dj distribution).
To tell the whole truth it didn't turn out to be a complete success, as I
couldn't make it work properly (I was trying to burn a CD set from a
Slackware DVD distribution) and I had to switch back to the old boot&root
floppy images...

I hope this will help.



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