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We have a system that mostly runs as a real mode tsr and processes many
tasks in the background (it is a voice mail system) during the timer
tick and dos idle.  In the foreground (command line) we periodically
execute programs.  We recently wrote a g.729a speech compression
program and it runs in protected mode using cwsdpmi.exe.  Our system is
missing HW interrupt 6 very intermittently (our system will stop
processing calls because that is the DSP interrupt).  We have narrowed
it down to just cwsdpmi.exe since we load it, don't load our
compression program, then unload cswdpmi.exe.  So cswdmpi.exe just
loads for a short amount of time.  I know that the interrupt is not
missed while our compression program is loaded and running because I
set a led to flash when it happens.  I suspect that the interrupt is
missed when cswdpmi.exe is in the process of loading or unloading.  We
have done a through investigation and are sure that it is cswdpmi.exe
causing the issue.  Any ideas on missed interrupts while cwsdpmi.exe is
loading or unloading?

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