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Subject: Re: reading from com1: => driving me nuts
Date: 20 Oct 2005 08:42:08 GMT
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Nick Müller <muellernick AT gmx DOT de> wrote:
> AndrewC <andspamtrap AT exemail DOT doty DOT com DOT au> wrote:

> > >What am I doing wrong?
> > Assuming that you are a embedded C programmer didn't it strike you are
> > strange that you can't read or write to the uart registers?

> Not at all! If I have a <stdio.h> I prefer using it.

Preferences have nothing to do with it.  <stdio.h> support is simply
*way* too crude for what you're trying to do.  Remember: this is DOS, not
UNIX you're programming for, i.e. not everything that could usefully be
a file actually is.  COM1: is made available as a file, but it's supported
only on a *very* basic level, by DOS.  You're way beyond the point where
it makes sense to try and rely on DOS to get things done for you.

Hans-Bernhard Broeker (broeker AT physik DOT rwth-aachen DOT de)
Even if all the snow were burnt, ashes would remain.

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