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AndrewC <andspamtrap AT exemail DOT doty DOT com DOT au> wrote:

> >What am I doing wrong?
> Assuming that you are a embedded C programmer didn't it strike you are
> strange that you can't read or write to the uart registers?

Not at all! If I have a <stdio.h> I prefer using it.

> If you can't access them then have a think about the API/library you are
> using as it may not give you the control you need to talk to an SBC.

But that's what libs are for. Hide the implementation, let the OS or the
lib do the job and present a uniform interface to the C-programmer.
Independant of the platform.

> If you want the full source code to a sniffer I wrote using DJGPP a
> long time ago then please respond to this posting or modify the
> respond to email.

Thanks for the offer. I got it fully working without messing around with
UARTS and hardware I don't want to know or I don't want to assume that
it exists on the PC the programm is running at.

On the uC side, my attitude is quite the inverse.

> If you do want to use Windows and program a windows based app then
> grab the following serial comms library, but with this you will need
> to use MSVC++

Sorry if you got that wrong. I just do the development under Windows
(because of the envorinment).

> Hope this helps.

Just in convincing me to stay with what the standard offers. ;-)

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