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Hans-Bernhard Broeker <broeker AT physik DOT rwth-aachen DOT de> wrote:

> From a DJGPP program running inside Windows? 

_Just_ for development. The software will run under plain DOS.

> You're pretty much guaranteed to lose some
> characters every once in a while, at such high baud rates. 

BTDT. You are right.
_But_ it also helps to make the communication stable. I get (very
seldom) errors that I have to handle.

> > set propper params with MODE com1:blablabla
> That's a very crude way of doing this.  Consider using a proper serial
> port communication library.  There's about a handful available for
> DJGPP on the ftp servers.

The way is "crude", but it's the way the OS supports. I think that
fiddling with hardware is not the right way to go. I have looked at the
libs, and decided not to use them because of this. If my way is a
failure, I still can fix it. It's just one of my libs to be changed and
the serial lib to be added. No big pain.

> You get _what_?  What's '16382 CHRO' supposed to be?

16382 times a "char = 0". Not a "O" as you quoted.

> > Oh, if it makes a difference, I (currently) let my program run in a
> > DOS-box under Win XP pro.
> That's about as hostile an environment as you could come up with.

ACK. But that's what I have.

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