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Yeeees. I realized that shortly after I posted... argh... :-@

But now it works! :-D


"Martin Str|mberg" <ams AT speedy DOT ludd DOT ltu DOT se> wrote in message 
news:434f5c96$0$175$cc7c7865 AT news DOT luth DOT se...
> Sulfurik Kixdemp Nosferathus <sulfurik15 AT gmail DOT com> wrote:
>> Blah... I ended up reinstalling it, this time using unzip32.exe... but 
>> now,
>> I get this:
>> gpp.exe: environment variable DJGPP points to a corrupt file
>> 'C:\DJGPP\djgpp.var'
> The file's name is djgpp.env.
> Right,
> MartinS 

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