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Rod Pemberton <donthave AT noreply DOT bit> wrote:
> That's probably the problem.  The following code shows how to work
> around it for int 0x21,ax=0x4b00 to ax=0x4b05.  Like I stated
> before it works for PMODE/DJ w/RM and PM apps.  For CWSDPMI, it
> only works for RM apps, giving the "Page Fault ... in RMCB" for PM
> apps.  I don't know exactly what memory needs to be locked for

1. It's a good idea to post the whole error message.

2. As you're setting _CRT0_FLAG_LOCK_MEMORY in _crt0_startup_flags,
that can't happen. I. e. getting a page fault while you have all your
process' memory locked. So something is wrong. (But where?)

3. Does you program work with CWSDPMR0?

4. Which version of CWSDPMI?



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