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Nick Muller <muellernick AT gmx DOT de> wrote:
> So now I want to establish a communication from within my C-program
> (using djgpp, of course). I do the following:

> set propper params with MODE com1:blablabla

> FILE* file;
> int c;

> file = fopen("com1:", "ab");
> if (file != NULL) {
>   while ((c = fgetc(file)) != EOF)
>     printf("%i ", c);
> }

> What is happening?
> I can send characters to the uC that are propperly understood and the uC
> is sending the answer. **BUT** I always get 16382 CHR0 on the DOS-side.
> If the uC is not answering, I get 0 characters from file.

One thing that is a little strange to me is that you've opened the
device in append mode, which means that you seek on a device. I
haven't messed with devices (and serial ports) so I could be wrong,
but does a device support seeking? Does some? Does serial ports?

> Oh, if it makes a difference, I (currently) let my program run in a
> DOS-box under Win XP pro.

Again I haven't done any serial port programming, but isn't WINDOWS
NT/2000/XP DOS emulation a little weird with regards to any ports?



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