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Subject: Re: Need to hook INT 21h from a DJGPP TSR
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Sigh, yes, I am very familiar.

C. Sandman's kit was my first exposure to TSR Programming under
DOS.  That's also why I know about the problems I listed.  That,
and (ancient) conversations with you, C. Sandman, M. Necasek, M.
Devore, and just about every other DOS and DPMI "expert" who was
willing to reply.

I spent months trying to get that kit to do something very similar
to what he wanted with no luck.  I have a directory full of about
21 TSRs with numerous amounts of unworking code.  I eventually
learned many of the problems stemmed from the limited _go_32
functions and there incompatibility with the _dpmi functions.  So I
switched to straight _dpmi calls which worked better, and still had
the problems I mentioned.  And, over the past five years,  I've
gotten much better DOS and w/DPMI but I don't think any of those
problems will be easy for him to fix especially if he doesn't know
assembly.  I eventually found it was much easier to learn Intel
assembly than to get PM TSR's to work.

I wish him luck, because from my experiences, he will need it.


Rod Pemberton
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