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> (cd .libs && rm -f && ln -s ../
> ln: creating symbolic link `' to `../': Improper link

DJGPP cannot support symbolic links, since DOS/windows file system 
does not support them.  You must edit the build procedure to change this
to a copy.

> and make in there and always get that error.  i can see a .libs folder,
> but i cant cd into it. Is this a problem? most of the other lib folders
> seem to be _libs not .libs Any thoughts? 

Legal name issues between unix and DOS; you may have to edit many places
to fix them to be legal.  I am guessing the _libs is part of the build
procedures edited to do a compatible name thing, but maybe not all.

You will need to spend some time understanding what the build procedures
are doing if you want it to build this configuration (you will need to
make manual edits).

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