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Subject: How to compile Tvision for Windows?
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Hello Newsgroup,

I ve got the source code from an old project and want to compile it.
The binary works under windows and uses the Turbo Library TVision. HP:

Problem: I can compile the source but not link it. This TVision is
missing. Everytime I compile this tvision I got files with the postfix
a. (librhtv.a) If I put this file in my library path of the MinGW IDE
and in the lib settings of the project I got this error:

cannot find -llibrhtv.a
In the Internet is said that .a files are only for UNIX. So what must I
do to compile it to a .lib file?

I think I have all done what is said in the readmes of tvision. I have
installed Msys and SiePerl. First I have used "./configure --no-intl"
on the Msys Bash and "make" and "make install" -> I got this librhtv.a

Then I made "make clean" and "configure.bat" and "make" and "make
install" -> I got this librhtv.a again.

What must I do to get a librhtv.lib?
Or where I can download the binary of this file?

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