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 Hello everyone! :-D
OK, look:

That's what I get when I try to compile my code in DOSBox using this 

gpp tfc.cpp

The problem is that the code compiles really well on both Windows and Linux 
with the G++ command... Is this a problem with DJGPP and DOSBox, or am I 
doing something wrong? I downloaded everything that the Zip Picker from 
DJGPP's site told me, and then I unzipped it to a directory, set the DJGPP 
environment variable to "C:/DJGPP/DJGPP.ENV" and added the Bin directory to 
my PATH. Do I have to do something else? What do I do at this point? Thanks! 
;-) Everyone who answers gets a free caramel candy! :-D

PS: What's the difference between the GPP and G++ commands?

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