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I have installed the very latest DJGPP/GCC 4.0.1,
and have discovered that when I ported a Borland program
to GCC 4.0.1, it requires using inportw, and outportb, that
the gcc version fails miserably!

Apaprently the functions under 16-bit Borland are able to keep
up with the application; the GCC version, using identical code,
with the additon of  
#include <pc.h>

and changing the function names to inportw (or inpw) and
outportb (outb) either way it fails miserably!

Can someone please explain what the problem might be?

This is strange: When I use the __inline__ versions of the
inportw/outportb in mingw (mingw also appears to not even
have these functions at all originally), 
that a program compiled under mingw ACTUALLY works
somewhat.  The problem here is mingw is a Win32-only
compiler which makes applications what require a Win-32
environment to run (apparently) since that is its purpose.
At least I have some degree of functionality now; but not
100%. The longer the program runs, the worse the performance
becomes... something I have no explanation for.

Thank you so much for any input on this.

Any email might be read quicker than replies posted here.

RadSurfer AT yahoo DOT com

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