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> Using the r6 test release, 2GB of memory work without
> paging if the hardware supports 4MB page tables."

> Are you working on it ? I found a version 6 of
> CWSDPMI, but not on DELORIE's, but a "RAYER"'s
> page. It is identical to version 5 except the
> file CWSDPMI.EXE is longer and different, but
> has the same (C):

There has never been an "official" release of r6,
the first samples were just a few modified modules
with a build from a copy of the r5 tree to users
asking for very large memory support.  I haven't
stopped working on it, but I've been too busy to
finish it.  I do have systems with 4GB of physical
memory to play with now, but the default DJGPP libc
doesn't always work well with over 2GB of available
memory (there are some internal assumptions about
signed/unsigned), so you have to keep each allocation
below 2GB in size and be careful with pointers 
over the 2GB mark.

The current WIP is:

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