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bdeck schrieb:

> Does grep -r work in DJGPP?

Definitely _YES_.


[root AT server ~] # grep -r argv .
./MEMCOPY.C:main(int argc, char **argv)
./MEMCOPY.C:    strncpy(quell_datei,argv[1],79); quell_datei[79]='\0';
./MEMCOPY.C:    if(argc>2 && strcmp(argv[2],"/i")!=0) {
./MEMCOPY.C:        strncpy(ziel_datei,argv[2],79); ziel_datei[79]='\0';

./MEMCOPY.C:    if(strcmp(argv[argc-1],"/i")==0) info='j'; else
./neu1/test.c:// main(int argc, **char argv) {
[root AT server ~] #

> The FS is FAT32, so obviously permissions aren't the real issue. ???

Same here.

Best regards,


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