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> Maybe the CWSDPMI I tested that time was corrupt or
> missconfigured. What about the documentation ? Is it all correct ?

I believe the documentation is correct.  Don't confuse DPMI and "DOS 
extenders" - DJGPP does not use an extender while some other 32-bit 
DOS compilers/applications do.  Some DPMI providers also provide an
extender, but there is no "standard" for this, so it's always proprietary.
DPMI is a public standard, so it's easy to implement and be compatible.

> Sorry about my lang in prev post but I remembered how
> angry I was when I found out that EXE's created by
> FreePascal do NOT run in DOS, and when I add CWSDPMI.EXE
> they run but write into CWSDPMI.SWP instead of RAM.

It's still very likely that something else was misconfigured;
the output of go32-v2 might help diagnose that.  One of the most
common misconfigurations is EMM providers which don't work 
properly and limit VCPI memory to 2MB or less, or provide none
at all forcing you to use DOS memory alone and page it.

> How much RAM is supported by CWSDPMI 
> (with SWAPping banned) ?

Roughly 1MB for each 1KB of free DOS memory, using the standard r5
release.  Using the r6 test release, 2GB of memory work without
paging if the hardware supports 4MB page tables.

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