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Subject: Re: How to remove warning: cwsdpmi.swp not found
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> This SWAPPING is really silly. When I have huge
> free RAM (256 MB or more), I would expect that
> my prog uses it. However, the opposite occurs
> (except I BAN swapping as described above):
> it pushes all data to the SWP file on my HD !!!

CWSDPMI opens the swap file to have the handle
available - but will not use the file unless all
memory is in use.  You can even allocate more memory
than you have in the machine and it will not touch
the disk until you touch the memory.  If you are
using the swap file, then you are either touching
a lot of memory, or the memory is badly 

> Why the **** does CWSDPMI prefer the slow &
> insecure HD from RAM ??? (To C.W. Sandman)

It doesn't, except in the extreme case of using
over 512MB of physical memory, it will run out
of DOS memory for page tables and fault the page
tables themselves.  If you have lots of memory
feel free to disable swapping in the image.  If
you run out of memory you will then get a malloc
or sbrk() failure.

The standard distribution should work on any 
system, and allow you to "tweak" it for better
performance (via CWSPARAM).  If it shipped with
paging disabled, many users would not be able to
do C++ compiles without reading documents and 
making changes.

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