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Subject: Re: GRX vs. Allegro
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Florian Xaver yazmış:

> Hi!
> Very interesting! How is wxWidgets? Are there problems with DJGPP?
> Do you have a sample program (binary)?
wxWidgets has about 30 samples in its distribution.
The problem is size of EXE's. They are 2 MB at least :-)

CC Vural

> Thanks, Flo
> Cavit Cahit VURAL wrote:
>> Florian Xaver yazmış:
>>> Hi!
>>> Has somebody tested both libraries. Which of them are faster? Would 
>>> it be a good choice to switch to Allegro?
>>> Thanks, Flo
>>> -- 
>>> Unofficial Dr-DOS page <>
>> I used both of them. Now i am using Scitech MGL and wxWidgets for GUI 
>> in plain DOS.
>> wxWidgets ang MGL is better than both.
>> CC Vural

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