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Can I also combine the cwsdpmi.exe file with my exe?
What is the syntax to do that?

YES. ( Well, it seems to be possible ... but not
official (?) The need of CWSDPMI.EXE is a really
irritating fact, but nobody knows about it - when
running in the crippled DOS-BOX of Winedowns XP
(official (?) target), it is not needed )

Kick out the CMSDPMI.EXE loader using EXE2COFF.EXE -
a file without extension called "COFF" results -
exactly 2 KB smaller than your pseudo-EXE.

Then glue CWSDSTUB.EXE with your COFF file together.
(CWSDSTUB first, then COFF).


I want to remove the warning which I get on every invocation:
Warning: c:\cwsdpmi.swp not found.

Well, this it the second offensive problem of
DJGPP and other compilers based on it. Again, in XP
this problem does not occur - the CWSDPMI is completely
skipped and the great XP KERNEL does all the work for
you :D

Use CWSPARAM.EXE and deactivate swapping.


Make sure to download the newest CWSDPMI package before.

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