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Subject: Re: SWORD GUI / Has somebody contact to Eric Nicolas?
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Yes, thanks!

Doug Kaufman wrote:
> Florian Xaver <wosrediinanatour AT aon DOT at> writes:
>>I have updated SWORD (C++ GUI, under GPL) to compile it with latest 
>>DJGPP and made a homepage, but before i upload the package, i want to 
>>contact him.
>>There is another project, also named SWORD, which is for Linux, and the 
>>maintainer has the same name. I wrote him 2 emails, but haven't got an 
>>answer yet.
> You are probably talking about the same Eric Nicolas and
> his updated SWORD library (at one time caled "SWORD 2000").
> Full contact information is available on his web site. See
> "".
>                              Doug

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