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Hi all

    When I try to compile GRX I get the followin error messages:

In file included from c:/djgpp/include/go32.h:48,

from bgi/palette.c:43:

c:/djgpp/include/sys/segments.h: In function '__gr_setpalette':

c:/djgpp/include/sys/segments.h:19: error: invalid storage class for 
function '_my_cs'

c:/djgpp/include/sys/segments.h:27: error: invalid storage class for 
function '_my_ds'

c:/djgpp/include/sys/segments.h:35: error: invalid storage class for 
function '_my_ss'

bgi/palette.c:65: warning: implicit declaration of function 

make.exe: *** [bgi/palette.o] Error 1

     I previously had a problem with lvalues but I cleared that up with Paul 
C. posted. Then this new stuff showed up

        It appears to be in some inline machine code in segments.h and I do 
not understand ML. Any help will be appreciated.


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