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Subject: Re: an old newbie question
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April White wrote:

> My makefile shows this output:
>    gxx -g -DDEBUG -O3 -Wall -I"c:/projects/gnu/lib"    -c t.cxx -o t.o
>    gxx -g -DDEBUG -O3 -Wall -I"c:/projects/gnu/lib"    -c others.cxx 
> -o others.o
>    gxx -L"c:/projects/gnu/lib" -g -DDEBUG -o t.exe t.o others.o -ldeltad

It works now, but I did not change anything.  I thought I needed -ldbg 
on the link line but it worked without.

Does the linker do incremental links? 


I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe.

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