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Subject: Re: Crashes lock files
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On Sun, 31 Jul 2005 15:05:35 GMT, Ben <aben420 AT telus DOT net> wrote:

>On Thu, 28 Jul 2005 08:24:19 +0000, Hans-Bernhard Broeker wrote:

>> Ben <aben420 AT telus DOT net> wrote:
>>> I'm using RHIDE 1.49 & GCC 3.3, every time my program crashes it 
>>> seems to lock the file 

>> Which file?  On what OS?

>Windows 98. On my exe file. It can't create the new exe when i 
>compile, and generates files called <filename>.000 <filename>.001 ...
>etc, instead.

The .00n files are temporary files of some sort produced while
building the project.  They can usually be deleted and ignored.  I
wouldn't worry about them too much.
If you are having trouble deleting them, run

attrib -s -h -r /s *.*

at a dos prompt.
If that doesn't work, windows still thinks the files are open from
when rhide or the compiler opened them.  Try closing the dos box and
deleting them.  If that doesn't work, reboot into DOS (not windows)
and delete them.  You might also have to delete all of the temporary
files that the compiler creates in the tmp directory.  Run scandisk
when you've got rid of the files to clean up the hard disk.

I do not fear computers.  I fear the lack of them.
  -- Isaac Asimov

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