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On Sun, 31 Jul 2005 21:39:15 -0400, Radical NetSurfer
<RadSurfer AT yahoo DOT com> wrote:

>A friend of mine tried upgrading to DJGPP v2 gcc 4.0.1,
>and when he now compiles some programs, he insists that
>cc1plus.exe is being called, even when the source is  .c.

>Sometimes we compile from batch files we make ourselves,
>sometimes, typing gcc directly from the command line!

>What would suddenly cause gcc 4.0.1 to want to use cc1plus
>for .c files?

>gcc -s -c -m486 -O2 s1.c s2.c s3.c

>Any ideas?

>He's running an Athlon-K6 233mhz, Win98SE.

>On my computer running the very latest packages from
>DJGPP Delories ftp site, I do not experience this problem.
>cc1 for .c and cc1plus for .cpp.

>Some factor we are not aware of is interfearing with his
>compiling gcc.

Type in

set | more

at a dos prompt and check that there isn't a line like:


when it should be:


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