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Subject: Linking libraries
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Hi All

    This question has been put here a thousand times I'm sure, but
    here I go again...

    I have compiled a 3rd-party arbitrary precision package called
    Apfloat into a library apfloat.a and moved it to \DJGPP\LIB.
    But I'm unable to compile and link a test code with it from a
    command prompt window, as I get an error message saying
    "No such file or directory (ENOENT)" -- and it refers to apfloat.a.
    But if I compile the code from within RHIDE, a valid and functional
    executable is created. It seems that I am not using the correct
    compilation command or directive options. I was using:

    gcc -o test.exe test.c -l apfloat.a

    gcc -c test.c
    gcc test.o apfloat.a -o test.exe

    but these obviously didn't work. Other programs that don't use
    apfloat compile and run smoothly. Can anyone help? Thanks!


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