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Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 14:06:20 +0200
Subject: ANNOUNCE: DJGPP port (release 2) of GNU Sed 4.1.2 uploaded
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This is a port of GNU Sed 4.1.2 to MSDOS/DJGPP (release 2).

  This is a djgpp specific bug fix release of the previous release
  of sed412[bds].zip, so it is seriously suggested to update.
  The previous release of sed412[bds].zip has a bug in the gnu specific
  e (evalute) command, that makes it fail in different ways depending if
  the package has been compiled with stock djdev203 or with the cvs sources
  of djdev204.

  DJGPP specific changes.

  - djdev203 specific:
    There was a bug in my code that prevented the system() call to be correctly
    executed if multiple commands separated by semicolons were passed as
    argument to system(). This bug made the e command fail under certain
    This issue has been fixed so that the binaries produced with djdev203
    will work correctly for all new gnu specific sed commands. Please note
    that the distributed binaries have been build with djdev203.

  - djdev204 specific:
    The are djgpp204 specific reasons for the e command failure too.
    One reason is a bug in the popen() function that is been fixed actualy.
    A second reason is a memory issue that is still under investigation.
    Due to this facts, the e command must be temporaly disabled if the sed
    sources shall be compiled with djdev204 for WinXP use.

  Compiling the sources.

  - If you compile the sources with djdev203 (there is no real reason to do
    this) you must proceed as usual running the following commands from the
    top srcdir, this is sed-4.1-2:
      make check
      make install

    No test of the testsuite shall fail.
    If you need to reconfigure your sources, you have to delete the config.cache
    file in the /djgpp subdir first before you run config.bat.

  - If you compile the sources with djdev204 it will be essential to reconfigure
    sources because the distributed one have been configured for djdev203. For
    this purpose you **must** delete the cache file djgpp/config.cache or you
    will get a broken binary.
    Due to the actually broken popen() from cvs djdev204 the configuration batch
    file (xp-config.bat) will disable the checking for popen() in libc which
    implies that the e command will be disabled. If you run a non portable sed
    script that uses the e command, you will get an error message like this:
      sed.exe: option `e' not supported

    In conclusion, to rebuild the sed binary with djdev204 to get a binary
    usefull for WinXP run the following commands from the top srcdir (sed-4.1-2):
      rm djgpp/config.cache
      make check
      make install

    Please note that the removing of the cache file is essential. It should
    also be noticed that xp-config.bat shall be used to configure the sources
    or the popen() check will not be inhibit producing a broken binary.
    Only the eval test should fail with a message like this:
      sed.exe: option `e' not supported
    This is of course intentional. All other tests of the 52 tests of the
    testsuite should work.
    Please do **not** report anything to <bug-gnu-utils AT gnu DOT org>, if there are
    problems with this port there are probably djdev204 originated and must be
    discussed and solved here.

    As usual, all djgpp specific files (config.bat, diffs, readme files, etc.)
    are located in the djgpp subdir.

  The port consists of the usual three packages that can be downloaded from and mirrors as (timestamp 2004-11-25):

    Sed 4.1.2 binary, info and man format documentation:

    Sed 4.1.2 dvi, html and ps format documentation:

    Sed 4.1.2 source:

  Send Sed specific bug reports to <bug-gnu-utils AT gnu DOT org>.
  Send suggestions and bug reports concerning the DJGPP port
  to comp.os.msdos.djgpp or <djgpp AT delorie DOT com>.


      Guerrero, Juan Manuel <st001906 AT hrz1 DOT hrz DOT tu-darmstadt DOT de>

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